SGH High Precision

Single piece planet carrier with reinforced tapered roller bearings that offers unmatchable stiffness and axial and radial capacities.

SGM gearboxes improve on the SG design by employing 6 planet gears in the last stage. This substantially increases torque transmission capacity but only allows ratios multiple of 3. They otherwise maintain the high precision characteristic of the SG design.

The SGH high precision planetary gearbox series ensures a minimum torsional backlash thanks to a very high torsional rigidity for the highest precision and dynamics. Furthermore, the reinforced angular contact output bearings offer high radial and axial capacities, extremely high resistance against tilt, perfect control precision and extremely low-noise running thanks to an optimized tooth profile.

Performance data:

Number of stages 1, 2, and 3 stages
Gear transmission ratios: 3 to 300
Output torque: 100 to 16000 Nm
Backlash: ca.0' <1' <3' <5' or <10'
Input motor flanges: For any servomotor brand
Output shaft types: With key
  Integrated pinion
  Involuted toothing DIN-5480
  Hollow shaft with shrink disk
  Hollow shaft with keyway DIN-6885.

SGH High Precision Planetary Gear units have the following advantages:

  • High capacity output bearing offers high radial and axial capacity and an extreme resistance against tilting moment thanks to the over-sized taper roller bearings.
  • High torsional rigidity thanks to an large, robust, planet carrier with stable two-sided support for the planetary gears.
  • Maximum operating safety
  • Low running noise because of the optimized gear tooth profile
  • High efficiency (98%)
  • High quality seals offer permanent sealing
  • Triple emergency stop torque
  • For intermittent and continuous operation

With 6 planet wheels assembled on the main stage, SGH high precision planetary gear units attain a very good load balancing, resulting in very high operating safety and very smooth operation. The standard series includes 1, 2, and 3 stages planetary gearboxes with ratios from 3 to 300. Higher gear reductions can be attained by adding additional stages.

All the torques you will ever need. Just imagine what you can do with it.

Let's speak about torque and precision. From many years SERVOTAK high precision planetary gearboxes are well known brand for high precision gearboxes with high torque values. While many manufacturers stop the standard range in about 1000 Nm, we produce heavy-load high precision planetary gearboxes with up to 16000 Nm for big machines that need high accuracy positioning combined with a high value of torque transmission.

The biggest Backlash range. Pay for what you need, no more.

Often customers ask us “I need a robust precision planetary gearbox but I don't want to pay a price for <3 arcmin gearbox, because 10 arcmin is enough for the machine...”. We have the solution. Servotak offers the biggest range of backlash for their customers, ca.0' <1' <3' <5' or <10'. Just pay for what you need


Unmatched torsional stiffness. Successful and market-leading machines

There are many planetary gearboxes in the market with compatible output dimensions. So, you count yourself lucky because you can choose among many brands, right? But if you manufacture high precision machines and you are looking for a kick-ass high precision planetary gearbox, then it is not so easy. Servotak SGH planetary gearboxes are designed for the highest torsional rigidity. Why? Because torsional backlash usually is the main component of the total backlash when the motor is running at full load. So we did a side by side comparison between a standard model SGH and the best alternatives. Servotak came ahead, and not by chance. Servotak offers the planetary gearbox (with output shaft) with the best torsional stiffness. SGH gearboxes are more precise and that offer better results even (and specially) in high-dynamic situations.

Transmission Ratios. World's biggest range

Our customers produce many kinds of machines. Thus we offer the biggest range of transmission ratios in the world. Thus, our customer can optimize their machine perfectly.

From ratio 3 to 300 Servotak delivers. You can trust Servotak to have their customers needs in the front line.

High capacity output bearings

All SGH high precision planetary gearboxes are designed to offer the maximum capacity at the output shaft. So, we have designed the SGH gearboxes with a single-piece large diameter output shaft - planet carrier. We used the biggest high performance taper roller bearings obtaining the highest torsional rigidity. We are proud to announce that the SGH high precision planetary gearboxes offer the best accuracy and output capacity for machines with a large number of cycles per minute. From a modern packaging machine to a strong NC tool machine, Servotak is the perfect solution.


A precision design, ultra tight tolerance machining and good surface finishes, enable the SGH to operate at very high efficiency values, 98% for one stage gearbox and 96% for a two stages gearbox. Efficiency values depend on torsional backlash, speed, ratio, ambient temperature, etc. The average efficiency level varies according to the number of stages as shown in the technical data sheets for each gearbox model.


All SGH high precision gearboxes are supplied with a special synthetic lubricant that provides lifetime lubrication.

Gears, planet carrier and housing

The ring gear, made of steel, is an integral part of the housing, sun and planet wheels are made of modern treated steels, and the input bearing flange is made of aluminum. The single piece planet carrier and output shaft is made of ductile iron, resulting a robust design.

Design and mounting positions

SGH high precision planetary gear units usually have an square output flange with holes and can be mounted in any position. However, on demand, we can also supply gearboxes with round output flanges with threaded holes.

Motor connection

The motor installation is very easy thanks to clamping ring technology, that ensures a slip free and non wearing transmission. This reliable input coupling system is suitable for continuous and intermittent service with smooth shaft servomotors.

Low noise operation

This series provides high efficiency and low running noise thanks to high gearing quality, optimized gear profile, uncaged needle bearings for the planet gears and high quality synthetic lubricant.

Selection of the suitable gearbox

Servotak provides you with 2 tools to help you select the proper gearbox:

  1. Select the gearbox with our on-line “Gearbox Design Tool”, or
  2. Fill the “contact form for a new application”, found in our catalog, and send it to us.

Available models


Output torque: up to 190 Nm

Ratios: 1 stage-3; 2 stages-9 to 30; 3 stages-27 to 300


Output torque: up to 550 Nm.

Ratios: 1 stage-3; 2 stages-9 to 30; 3 stages-27 to 300


Output torque: up to 1080 Nm

Ratios: 1 stage-3; 2 stages-9 to 30; 3 stages-27 to 300


Output torque: up to 2160 Nm

Ratios: 1 stage-3; 2 stages-9 to 30; 3 stages-27 to 300


Output torque: up to 6100 Nm.

Ratios: 1 stage-3; 2 stages-9 to 30; 3 stages-27 to 300


Output torque: up to 19200 Nm

Ratios: 1 stage-3; 2 stages-9 to 30; 3 stages-27 to 300