Environmental Policy


Axis Automation SLU is a company that deals in designing, manufacturing, and selling mechanical transmissions, whose priority is environmental preservation, as part of a sustainable development strategy.<--break->

We pledge to conduct our business in a ethical and environmentally responsible fashion, and go beyond compliance when it comes to environmental legislation and regulation. As part of this objective, we here present our environmental principles:

  • Be a role model when it comes to environmental concerns for both our customers and our suppliers
  • Boost environmental awareness and promote training on our workflows and their environmental impact for both internal and external personnel.
  • Responsible resource utilization, including reducing resource use, reusing materials where possible, and separation and recycling of what can't be reused.
  • Continuous internal process improvement and establishment of good practices to minimize waste generation, and avoid polluting as much as possible
  • Environmental risk prevention is a core part of our mindset and modus operandi, both internally and externally
  • Product optimization to attain the highest possible energy efficiency, transmitting this benefit to both our customers and to the environment as a whole.

Through meeting our environmental goals, the company aims to reduce it's environmental footprint, contribute to slowing down climate change, and leave a better world to future generations.

Axis Automation, S.L.U.
January, 2021