Servotak has an active engineering division, always striving to design state of the art applications

Astronomers, nuclear and particle physicists, researchers specializing in fields such as atomic energy, medicine, etc... need, for their experiments, the most cutting-edge technology, even beyond the current state of the art.

"Genius: 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration." Thomas Alva Edison

Servotak does not believe in the stranglehold of standard gearboxes over design concerns.
When designing a new machine, the market offers endless standarized gearboxes. Brand makes little difference, and pricing, deadlines and performance are the determining factors. Machine design is a slave of the gearbox. This is the conventional wisdom, and leads to conventional results.
However, should you want to make a market defining machine, a custom gearbox is the only solution. The gearbox should accomodate the machine, and not vice versa.