MQ Precision Right Angle Gearboxes

Servotak MQ Right Angle Gearbox

MQ right angle worm servogearboxes have been specifically developed for the most demanding servo-applications where accuracy, stiffness, and reliability are critical. MQ gearboxes provide precise rotary motion for both highly dynamic cyclical and speed control servo applications. Output options include single shaft, dual shafts, hollow shaft with keyway and hollow shaft with shrink disc. The backlash levels allow it to satisfy a variety of applications.

Performance data:

Number of stages: 1
Transmission ratios: 5 to 90
Output torque: 30 to 12300 Nm
Backlash: ca. 1', <2' and <8'
Input motor flanges: For all servomotors brands
Output shaft types:
  • Single output shaft
  • Double output shaft
  • Hollow shaft with keyway
  • Hollow shaft with shrink disc

MQ right angle gearboxes have the following advantages:

  • Very Low Backlash, thanks to tight tolerances and a constant worm bearing preload, making it ideally suited for machine tool and robotics operations.
  • High Torque, thanks to painstakingly cut, hardened and ground worms and a bronze alloy wheels, born of a unique design process.
  • Quiet operation: The precision high quality worm gearing provides extremelly low noise levels (under 55 dB).
  • Superior Shock Absorption, thanks to a heavyweight cast iron housing.
  • Zero Backlash Motor Coupling. Can be be provided with torsionally rigid coupling for optimal motor shaft alignment.
  • Suitable for intermittent and continuous operation.
  • Compact design. The right angle design can be a space saver.
  • The full transmission ratio in only one stage.
  • Maintenance free thanks to lifetime synthetic lubrication.
  • Input flange for all servomotors brands.

Selection of the suitable gearbox

Servotak provides you with 2 tools to help you select the proper gearbox:

  1. Select the gearbox with our on-line “Gearbox Design Tool”, or
  2. Fill the “contact form for a new application”, found in our catalog, and send it to us.