Advanced gears for scientific research

Astronomers, nuclear and particle physicists, researchers specializing in fields such as atomic energy, medicine, etc... need, for their experiments, the most cutting-edge technology, even beyond the current state of the art.

Although the required hardware and facilities sometimes resemble those of existing projects, there is always demand for innovative solutions, often involving significantly different approaches to the issue. Technical challenges aren't the only issues for such projects. Project definition and development, prototype construction and testing, and budgetary concerns all represent pitfalls for the project to overcome. Servotak's vast experience in such matters will serve to provide optimal solutions for them. Servotak is thus committed to support the full life-cycle of the project.

Servotak, in collaboration with European universities, international laboratories and research organizations, lays the foundations for singular advanced gear engineering projects. Servotak's first task is to provide a design draft that conforms to the gear unit specifications, that includes the needed resources, the project schedule, and a cost estimation. We then follow the project until it's conclusion, performing the necessary adjustments and refinements to the draft.

Power transmission and precision are our usual working parameters. We handle the project definition, and the preparation of technical specifications to collect all the customer needs. We use the most advanced calculation techniques to design advanced gears and gear units, computer simulation techniques and rapid prototyping & testing in order to validate our designs. And we apply proven project management skills for an efficient cost and risk control.