GS Planetary Gearboxes

GS-50 Planetary Gearbox
GS-50 Planetary Gearbox

GS planetary gearboxes are an evolutionary improvement of the GE series. They offer the same excellent value that distinguishes the GE series while providing greater torque density and compatible anchor points. Designed to work with servomotors in either continuous or intermittent operation, they are suitable for applications where extremely low backlash is not fundamental.

Performance data:

Number of stages: 1 and 2 stages
Transmission ratios: 3 to 100
Output torque: Up to 56 Nm
Backlash: <10' or <15'
Input motor flanges: For servomotors and asynchronous motors
Output shaft With key

GS Planetary gear units have the following advantages:

  • Compact design due to torque division
  • High power density (Nm / dm3)
  • Low volume and weight
  • Coaxial drive and output shafts
  • Maximum operating safety
  • High efficiency: 97% for one stage and 95% for a two stages gearbox
  • Intermittent and continuous operation
  • Maintenance free thanks to lifetime synthetic grease lubrication
  • High quality at economical price
  • ATEX standard requirements
  • Mounting in any position
  • Very easy and precise motor installation thanks to clamping ring technology
  • Low running noise thanks to high gearing quality

With 3 planet wheels per stage, GS Planetary gear units attain a very good load balancing, resulting in very high operating safety and very smooth running. The standard series includes 1, and 2 stage planetary gearboxes with ratios from 3 to 100. Higher gear reductions can be attained by adding additional stages.


The standard series has torques up to 56 Nm. However, SERVOTAK also has heavy-load precision gearboxes series that allow torques up to 9000 Nm (SG), 12000 Nm (SGM) and 16000 Nm (SGH).

Gears, planet carrier and housing

The ring gear, made of treated steel, is an integral part of the housing, sun and planet wheels are made of case-hardened steel, and both bearing flanges are made of aluminum. The single piece planet carrier and output shaft is made of ductile iron, resulting a robust design.

Selection of the suitable gearbox

Servotak provides you with 2 tools to help you select the proper gearbox:

  1. Select the gearbox with our on-line “Gearbox Design Tool”, or<
  2. Fill the “contact form for a new application”, found in our catalog, and send it to us.

Available models


Output Torque: up to 56 Nm

Ratios: 1 stage-3 to 10; 2 stages-15 to 100