FX High Torque High Precision Gearboxes

FX High torque Servotak high precision gear unit
Application example: Servotak High Precision 22000Nm gear unit + 1PH7168
High torque Servotak high precision planetary gearboxes allow the production of

High Torque Servotak High Precision Planetary Gearboxes are mainly used in machine tool drives, like CNC vertical machining centers, CNC horizontal machining centers, CNC heavy duty vertical lathes, CNC heavy duty horizontal lathes and rotary tables. Other applications that require both high torque and high precision are also possible.

High Torque Servotak High Precision Planetary Gearboxes are high quality gear units, designed to work with servomotors with high torque values, in either continuous or intermittent operation, in applications where extremely low backlash and high torque are fundamental.

Performance data:

Number of stages: 1 and 2
Gear reductions: 3 to 35. Other ratios upon request
Output torque S5: Up to 30000 Nm
Output torque S1: Up to 20000 Nm
Output power: Up to 740 kW
Backlash: Standard and Reduced
Input flanges: Siemens 1FT6 Big Servo
  Siemens 1PH4, 1PH7 and 1PH8
  Also available for other servomotor brands

FX High Torque Precision Planetary gear units have the following advantages:

  • Robust design
  • Robust input flange design that allows big servomotors
  • High capacity output bearings offer high radial and axial capacity and an extreme resistance against tilting moment thanks to the over-sized taper roller bearings.
  • High torsional rigidity thanks to an large, robust planet carrier with stable two-sided support for the planetary gears.
  • Compact design
  • High power density (Nm / dm3) and low volume
  • Maximum operating safety
  • High efficiency

With 3, 4 or 6 planet wheels per stage, FX gear units attain a very good load balancing, resulting in very high operating safety and very smooth operation. The standard series includes 1 and 2 stage planetary gearboxes with ratios from 3 to 35. Higher gear reductions are available on request.

Torque and Power

The output torque and output power transmission depends on ratio, nominal input speed, load spectrum, environment conditions, etc. Maximum acceleration torque is about 30000 Nm in intermittent service. Nominal output torque is 20000 Nm in continuous service. Maximum power transmission is about 740 kW in intermittent service and 500 kW in continuous service.


A precision design, ultra tight tolerance machining and good surface finishes, enable the FX to operate at very high efficiency values, 98% for one stage gearbox and 96% for a two stages gearbox. Efficiency values depend on torsional backlash, speed, ratio, ambient temperature, etc. The average efficiency level depends on the number of stages.


All FX gearboxes are supplied with a high quality synthetic lubricant.

Gears, planet carrier and housing

The ring gear, made of treated steel, is an integral part of the housing, sun and planet wheels are made of case-hardened steel, and input bearing flange is made of steel. The single piece planet carrier and output shaft is made of ductile iron, resulting a robust design. There are not aluminum parts in this series.

Design and mounting positions

FX high torque precision planetary gear units have a flat output flange with threaded holes and pilot hole for centering. This design is suitable for pinion-rack and pinion-wheel applications. Also for robotic applications and big special CNC machines.

High capacity output bearings

FX high torque precision planetary gearboxes are designed to offer the maximum capacity at the output. So, the output shaft and planet carrier is made in a single piece to provied the best torsional rigidity. The reinforced angular contact output bearings offer high radial and axial capacities, extremely high resistance against tilt. The high quality of the bearings and the optimized tooth profile offers a low-noise running. This design is focused for applications as pinion-rack systems, pinion-wheel in horizontal and vertical CNC lathes, robot arms and big CNC machining centers.

Motor connection and input flanges.

The motor installation is achieved thanks to clamping ring technology, that ensures a slip free and non wearing transmission. This proven input coupling system is reliable and suitable for intermittent and continuous service with smooth shaft servomotors. Motors with involuted toothing DIN-5480 also can be mounted.

Input flanges are designed for 1FT6, 1PH4, 1PH7 and 1PH8 Siemens servomotors, though input flanges for other brands can be manufactured.

Low noise operation

FX series provides high efficiency and low running noise thanks to high gearing quality, optimized tooth profile, high quality bearings and a high grade lubricant.