We pride ourselves in offering the highest quality products. Quality goods result in satisfied customers, and motivated and satisfied employees. Quality is our primary goal.

Quality means end to end control and monitoring, including, but not limited to, our supply chain.


Our suppliers play a major role in our quality control strategy. We build long term relationships with our supply chain, and expect them to meet our high quality requirements, and to reliably fulfill deadlines. To maintain contact, we periodically visit our suppliers to discuss current projects and developments.

Received goods inspection

Deliveries are checked using our Goods Received procedure. If goods are transferred to our quality specialist for evaluation. Test results are logged. If faulty goods are found, appropriate measures are taken to ensure proper quality control.

Final inspection

No gearbox leaves our company without being tested beforehand on a test bench. Our experienced specialists subject them to a strict inspection under partial load and, if possible, at full speed.

Tests can last for several hours, depending on gearbox type. Everything is logged. In the case of deviations from the norm, the product is returned to the assembly stage. Our test bench equipment, diagnosis devices and our specialist's many years of technical experience prevent faulty products from leaving our company.