Our Values

Servotak places gives its values the utmost importance. Without values, business has no sense. Values are only not important for our relationships with our customers and suppliers, but for our own corporate health.

Transparency and trust

We work with our customers, partners and suppliers to create a long term relationship based on transparency, professionalism and trust.


In order to develop solid business and ensure our long-term success, we adapt to market changes and technological developments. Thus, we continue to deliver innovative solutions to our customers.

Social responsibility

We realize that our business must live in harmony with the interests of society. Our products and services are geared primarily towards safety, responsible resources use and environmental preservation.

Initiative and coherence

We act on our own initiative, with corporate responsibility and consistentcy in monitoring and achieving our goals.


We believe that honesty is the foundation of a proper relationship with both our customers and suppliers, and a prerequisite for success

Reliability and credibility

We can only promise what we can accomplish, we respect our agreements and feel bound by them.

Cultural diversity

We believe in diversity as an essential asset on the road to success.


We find the optimal solution that works.


We have a total commitment to quality


All problems have solutions; our challenge is to find them. We provide innovative solutions capable of satisfying customer needs

Customer focus

Our goal is to meet and surpass our clients’ expectations. We are flexible to adapt to our customers needs


Our customers know what they need and we know how to supply it on the basis of our proven track record and technological mastery.